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Recording Studio


• Neumann U-87 (1972 model)
• Neumann KM140 (2)
• Microtech-Gefell UMT70S (2) 
• Lawson L47MP Tube Mic
• AEA R84 Ribbon Mic
• Beyer M160 (2) Ribbon Mics
• AKG 414 EB P48 with Audio Upgrades mods (2)
• AKG 460B’s with Audio Upgrades mods (2)
• AKG 460B’s stock (3)
• AKG 451 (2)
• AKG D112
• Michael Joly MJE-K47 custom NT1a mod
• Milab VIP-50
• Shure SM-7B, Beta 58 (2), Beta 56 (3), Beta 52
• Shure SM57 (4), SM98 (2)
• Sennheiser 421 (4), 441
• Heilsound PR-40
• Rode NT-1
• Crown PZM
• Audix D-1
• Electrovoice RE-20, N/D408A, N/D 308B, 635A
• Audio-Technica 4033 (2), 4051, 831B
• Audio-Technica ATM25, ATM35
• Oktava MK012 (3)




• Demeter Tube Direct
• Countryman FET85 (2)
• Radial J48
• Whirlwind Director (2)



• Custom ADK Core i7 PC with 16 Gig RAM
• Avid Omni Interface
• Apogee Rosetta 800 96 kHz AD/DA Converter
• Benchmark DAC-1 Converter
• Mac Pro 8-Core w/32 GB RAM
• MOTU 2408 II w/24 Digital, 8 analog I/O
• Emagic Unitor 8 MIDI Interface 
• Lucid GenX6 word clock generator
• Zsys 16.16 32 channel Lightpipe patchbay
• Symetrix SX203 Phone Interface



• Avid Pro Tools 11HD
• Apple Logic Pro X
• SAWStudio 144 channel digital audio workstation
• Sony Sound Forge, CD Architect
• Sony Vegas Pro, DVD Architect
• Hofa CD/DDP



• Waves Platinum
• UAD-2 Quad with many plugins
• All Native Logic plugins
• Antares Auto-Tune
• Celemony Melodyne
• Izotope RX Advanced Noise Reduction
• Plus Exponential Stereo and Surround Reverbs, Soundtoys, Sonnox, Camel Audio, Audioease, PSP, Native Instruments, Cytomic, Softtube and many others



• Blue Sky 5.1 surround package with Bass Manager Controller
• Ashly-Protea digital EQ’s on all monitors
• Auratone Cubes
• Ramsa, Furman, Tascam, Alesis amplifiers
• AKG, Fostex, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica headphones

Music Amplifier Repair

December 12, 2023




• Aurora Audio GTQC Channel Strip
• API 3124+ (4 ch)
• BAE 312A
• A Designs Pacifica (2 ch)
• Buzz Audio MA-2.2TX (2 ch)
• Avedis MA-5
• AEA RPQ500
• Focusrite ISA428 (2 X 4ch) w/digital cards
• ART Tube MP (2 ch)





• Tube Tech CL1B Opto Tube Compressor
• Urei 1176LN rev F
• Urei 7110 (2)
• dbx 160X (2)
• Aurora Audio GTC FET/Opto Compressor
• Aphex Stereo Compellor
• Aphex 661 Tube Expressors (2)


• Electrodyne 511 (2) 
• API 550a
• Great River Harrison 32
• BBE 822A
• Aphex Aural Exciter Type C2
• Joe Meek Meequalizer




• Lexicon 300
• Lexicon PCM70
• Roland SRV-2000
• Yamaha Rev7
• Yamaha SPX90 II



Over 1000 production music CD’s from:

DeWolfe, Non Stop, Music Bakery, Fresh Music, CUTZ, Footage Firm


Over 250 Gbytes of sound effects from:

Hollywood Edge, Sound Ideas, Digiffects, M-Audio, Network, 3-D FX, Sonic Science, Sound Dogs, CBS, East-West, Nightingale, Serafini, Sonic Boon, Star Trek, SoundSnap, Bunker 8


Plus an ever-expanding library of custom-recorded sounds and a growing number of boutique, specialized libraries

Mixing Console


• Huge Sample Libraries, including Vienna Symphony, East-West, Miroslav Vitous, Garritan, Scarbee, SAM Brass, London Orchestral Percussion, Stormdrum 1 & 2, RA, and many others
• Native Instruments Komplete
• Spectrasonics Trilian
• Korg Digital Suite
• Arturia Moog Modular V
• Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 with all expansion packs
• Slate Digital SD4 Drum Library
• Sonic Couture
• Music Lab Real Guitar




• Kawai RX series 7’ Concert Grand Piano
• Horizon Lee Jackson Guitar Amp
• Akai EVI Wind synth w/Yamaha VL70M & Turbo Chip
• EMU E4 sampler w/128 meg RAM
• Fatar 88 key weighted hammer action MIDI controller
• Roland D-70

Systems Descriptions


Digital Audio

We work on both PC and Mac platforms, with multiple workstations and software that helps translate among a wide variety of programs. Each computer is equipped with a 24-channel digital interface. Up to 40 simultaneous channels of analog to digital conversion are available across the two platforms. All digital audio can be routed in realtime from any device or computer to any other through a network of ADAT Lightpipe cables and a ZSys digital patchbay. All digital devices are clocked off a master Lucid Wordclock generator. The Mackie Digital 8 bus console allows mixing and routing of up to 32 channels of digital audio for creating headphone mixes or bussing to outboard gear.


Analog Audio

Every analog point in the studio is accessible via a 480-point TT patchbay, which ties the recording booth, console, converters, machine room, analog recorders and all analog outboard gear together. Additional signals from equipment brought into the studio may also be integrated via a 48-point TRS patchbay.



MIDI is accessible via an Emagic Unitor 8, with MIDI cabling available in any room.




Digital and analog video is distributed from the PC through a Firewire-based Canopus converter and an analog composite distribution amplifier. A 30-inch LCD serves the main mixing position, with a smaller flat screen at the producer’s desk and a Sony Trinitron in the recording booth for ADR and Foley work.


Recording Front End

OSR has built a vast array of high-end microphones, preamps, compressors, EQ’s and converters. Our collection allows for any approach to recording, from minimalist and true to highly processed and colored. Because so much mixing is done entirely in the digital domain, we find that it is often desirable to capture, during recording, the unique sonic character analog gear can impart.



While most mixing is now done completely within the fully automatable, fully recallable and vastly improving world of the digital audio workstation, more traditional mixing, when desired, is also possible via our digital console, which allows routing of signals from within the computer environment to any of our high-end outboard processors and effects. In addition to internally “bounced” mixes, we can also mix to analog tape at up to 30 IPS, with Dolby SR noise reduction available.


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